Moissanite rings are not uncommon in today's market and are a good choice for an engagement ring or wedding band. Moissanite is very similar to diamonds, but moissanite is less expensive than diamonds. If you are now preparing to marry your bride and are planning to buy a moissanite ring for your girl, but you find that you don't know enough about moissanite pests. Don't worry, read on and we will take you to a better understanding of moissanite.



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Natural moissanite is a silicon carbide crystal that is incredibly rare. It was initially discovered by the chemist Henri Moissan in Arizona at a meteorite site. Almost all natural moissanite comes from meteorites. Although it resembles diamonds, the structure is different; diamonds are formed from carbon, not silicon carbide. Unfortunately, although some moissanite has since been discovered in other locations, it has only been in minute amounts. Over time, scientists discovered that moissanite had many characteristics similar to diamonds, including strength, hardness, sparkle, and fire, but its scarcity means it can’t be used for anything.


Moissanite rings have exceptional sparkle and fire in a nearly colorless stone. They throw off a dazzling rainbow effect of refracted light you can’t find in even the most flawless diamond. Moissanite is a suitable stone if you love a ring that dazzles and dances with color under any light. They also naturally have fewer flaws.


For anyone looking for dramatic jewelry to frame the face, moissanite earrings are an excellent choice because they capture and refract light, add a lovely glow to the front, and add a bit of light and color to the wearer’s eyes.


The only gemstone harder than moissanite is a diamond. On the Mohs hardness scale, a diamond is ten, and ruby is 9. Moissanite is 9.25. Diamonds are the only gemstone harder than moissanite. However, in terms of durability, the moissanite is even more heat resistant than a diamond, won’t become cloudy even under extreme conditions, and is less likely to fracture when struck along an edge.


Because they are beautiful and affordable, moissanite engagement rings also offer jewelry lovers the option to add coordinating moissanite earrings and other items to their jewelry collections without breaking the bank.


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