Mad Chatta Questions and Answers

Here are some answers to a few of the questions you might have for Mad Chatta.  Click on the question to see the answer to your questions.   If there is something you don't see answered, please feel free to ask questions by filling out our contact form here.


  Where can I get an app for Mad Chatta?

  I forgot my password and/or locked locked myself out, now what?

  What's so special about a Premium Account?

  What are the sizes for the cover and avatar for Mad Chatta?

  ARRRGH! it's too bright/dark, How do I change it?

  Does Mad Chatta have the ability to live stream?

  What other features does Mad Chatta have?

  Do you have live chat?

  Can I share my posts on other social media platforms?

   How do I invite my friends, family, and co-workers to Mad Chatta?

  I love Mad Chatta, Can I donate?

  I want to advertise my business on Mad Chatta, how do I do that?

  How do I add your sharing buttons to my website?

   Your icons are awesome, where did you get them?

   Are you going to have games?

   How do I add my game to Mad Chatta?

   Do you have groups?

   Do you have business pages?

  Do you have the ability to blog on Mad Chatta?

   What is your policy on cyberbullying and/or stalking?

  What do you mean by 'personal responsibility' on Mad Chatta?

  How do I report someone?

  How do I block someone?

  Do you track us or sell our information?

  Do you have a Discord server of a support page here?

  What's in the future for Mad Chatta?